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Vegan Chili Recipe

Vegan Chili Recipe


Chop your vegetables and garlic. In a deep pot empty beans, canned tomatoes and veggies (excluding avocado) into one and turn your stove top to med/high temperature. Stir until everything is evenly settled, turn down the stove top to medium temperature and cover with lid for about 20 minutes. Once finished garnish with avocado and enjoy!



- 1 can Chili Beans

- 1 can  Black Beans

- 1 can chopped tomato

- 1 Green Pepper 

- 2 Cloves Garlic

- 1 Zucchini 

- 1 White onion

- 2 Whole Carrots

- 1 Acocado

- 1 bunch Spinach

- 1 Stalk Celery

- 1 bunch Cilantro

- Paprika 

- Chili Powder

- Garlic Powder

Detox Salad

Detox Salad

Shrimp & Tilapia Ceviche

Shrimp & Tilapia Ceviche